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Soundkeeper Recordings

Markus Schwartz & Lakou Brooklyn: Equinox

Gede Drum-n-Bass

Traditional, arranged by Markus Schwartz & Daniel Beaubrun

Set to the funky rhythm of Maskawòn, the song's melody references traditional songs for Gede, the "trickster" spirit of life and eath and owner of the cemetery in Haitian Vodou cosmology.  The ending celebrates our musical journey with an improvised chant.

Lakou Brooklyn ewa                       In the Brooklyn yard
Nou la ye                       We are here
Sa'n we la?                       What do we see there?
Lakou Brooklyn ewa                       We are in the Brooklyn yard
Nou la ye                        

Markus Schwartz: Haitian Rada & Petwo drums, miscellaneous percussion, loop sampler, vocals
Jean Caze: trumpet, vocals
Monvelyno Alexis: electric guitar, vocals
Paul Beaudry: bass

Listen to a sample