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Soundkeeper Recordings

Work Of Art: Winds of Change

Tomorrow We Will Never Know

I came to this town with my head hanging down
Thinking about all we’ve gone through
As I passed the cafe, I could hear someone play
That old song that I wrote for you
It sounded sweet and sensitive
From a time when we would kiss
Anytime, anywhere, on the land in the air
And on a hot summer nights like this

You were placing a bet the first time we met
On a horse named Paul Revere
Licking your lips, giving me tips, whispering in my ear
You’re voice to me was music, your face was sacred art
As the wind blew your hair, your song filled the air
That arrow shot straight through my heart

Hold me tight in your arms girl, don’t let go
For tomorrow we will never know

The stars had aligned in a perfect design
A constellation of love
In the flickering light it was love at first sight
With Orion shining above
You came rising from the east like the goddess of the moon
On a chariot ride, right by my side
You came not one minute too soon

Hold me tight in your arms girl, don’t let go
For tomorrow we will never know

Now the ghosts in this town they’re flying around
Trying to invade our space
I blow them away with aerosol spray
You say a few prayers just in case
We go riding off together into the red sunset
Another great day fading away, one I will never forget

Words and music by Art Halperin
©2014 Sword In The Stone Publishing, ASCAP
Art Halperin: lead vocal, guitar, ukelele*
Al Maddy: harmony vocal, guitar, ukelele*
Jon Rosenblatt: harmony vocal, mandolin
Sue Williams: harmony vocal, bass, percussion*
Patrick Conlon: drums, percussion*
* coda only

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